Sunday, March 7, 2010


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Over the past week, I completed one of the most trying but also one of the most enjoyable design projects I have done to date. The above record sleeves were done for a school project where the goal was to design two record sleeves that shared the same grid. One sleeve was to be designed for a band/artist whose music you like, and the other was for one you didn't like. The catch was that you had to design both as though you love them equally.

I have been a fan of Tegan and Sara's music for awhile, and so, I chose to create a new design for their latest (2009) album 'Sainthood'. Seeing as I am not the biggest fan of Avril Lavigne's music, I chose her as the other end of the deal, and designed a record sleeve for her 2007 album 'The Best Damn Thing'.

I ran into quite a few hiccups when printing and assembling the albums... But in the end, all worked out and I am happy with the end product, and looking forward to what comes next.


bryce huffman said...

Nice job, these are so slick

Rachelle Letain said...

Thanks Bryce! :)

liu liu said...

i love your design works, I think you made a very good decision to study them!

Rachelle Letain said...

Thanks Liu Liu! :)

I hope I've made the right decision... So far so good, though!