Friday, September 25, 2009

Coast to Coast.

Coast to Coast - Mix CD
Graphite & Digital

Again with the mix CDs... Here is another one I created over the summer. This CD design illustration was created to represent a playlist of songs about California. I guess the illustration is pretty self-explanatory... although I will try to explain it a little anyways. I've been to the California coast 4 times in my life - staying a week or so each time I've been there. It sounds cheesy... but the time I have spent in California has yielded some really great experiences for me, although, surfing stands out as the major one. As it turns out, that place has become special to me... California is one of many things/places that I feel inspires me in my artistic endeavors, and speaks to me on a number of levels. I tried to use iconic symbols (and things I have encountered while in California) to illustrate the cover to make it both recognizable and personal.

If you're interested, the tracklist/back cover is below... Unfortunately, the back cover ended up being a little rushed, but I still think it sort of works with the front cover.