Friday, March 20, 2009

Beef, over Air?

Beef Over Air

My newest illustration. Created with the intention to accompany a NY times article I read in the summer about the how the beef industry actually produces more 'pollution' in a year than even cars do. The article shocked me and inspired this illustration and a few lifestyle changes on my part, so I am grateful to have read it. Overall, I am happy with how this piece came out, and I think it communicates the point without getting too graphic, and still having an honest, yet 'playful' way of saying what has to be said. I actually just found out this image was chosen as the main image representing me in the 2009 Sheridan Illustration Grad Book that will be published this spring. It's kind of exciting.

Unfortunately, I have to keep this entry short and rant-free, as I have to rush off... It's been a busy day and continues to get more busy! I will write more about what's up and what I've been working on in my next entry. Peace out.