Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Looking Sans-serifs.

Poster design for my typography class. We had to choose 5-10 typefaces and make somewhat of a 'list' with them. I chose 5 sans-serif typefaces I liked, the reason being that I found them 'good looking' and easy on the eyes, so to speak.

Yes, yes, I was somewhat a little lacking on concept... But I had fun with this one. It was kind of refreshing to work with some retro motifs and kind of just run with whatever spur-of-the-moment concept I came up with (Haha, I guess I'm honest).


Jeremy said...

nice. i really like that eye/flag combo at the bottom. that Today font is great, i need to get a copy of that.

Rachelle Letain said...

Jeremy, send me an email. ;)

& Thanks!

Dave Murray said...

looks real nice, shell.