Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Numero Uno.

AVENUE, Guide To Going Green on Valentine's Day
10" x 19.5"

I guess I sort of bailed on my last attempt to have a blog but here I am trying again. I will try to be more faithful to the updating process this time. Life is hectic and busier than I expected as in my final year of illustration, at Sheridan and I barely have enough time to breathe let alone commit to updating a blog... but! I feel like blogs can play an integral role in motivating someone to keep producing new work because their old work will always be up on their blog to reflect on. With that said, I hope you like the newest illustration I have posted for you above. It is an info graphic (with not a lot of info graphics, because I couldn't see how graphs or charts would apply to the topic I chose) designed as a proposal for the National Post's AVENUE page.

I decided to choose the topic of "going green", as it seems to be a prevalent, and popular topic in the news and in entertainment today. I combined the idea of being eco-friendly with the upcoming wasteful yet widely celebrated "holiday" of Valentine's Day, and then of course - the above was born. I really enjoyed this project and being able to blend design and illustration into a final product. I really have begun to feel that just as much as illustration is a passion of mine, so is design... As cheesy as it does sound, in a way, both have my heart.


Dominique Fung said...

Beautiful! Glad to have you back on the blogging.

National post will eat this up!

Yuta Onoda said...

I really liked how it turned out. Pretty image but depressing. I think the contrast of the image and the idea work really well.

a* said...

so nice!! it's so you!
i like that pinkish colours are not all over even though its topic is valentines day. like the 'go green' ideas, too.