Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not so Furrrr-iendly.

Meet the Parents
8" x 10"

This illustration done for my thesis centers around the fur-trade industry. I wanted to sort of "humanize" the animals who live and die for the industry by illustrating a raccoon dog whose 'parents' -are now little more than fur trim on winter coats.

The fur industry hits a certain sensitive note with me, which is why I decided it would be the subject of my most recent illustration. It's hard to imagine that animals are raised simply for the skin on their backs... This illustration is probably seen as a bit of a downer again, but fur is an issue I feel that people sadly do not know the reality of.

I have mixed feelings on the outcome of this piece, although I do feel that I was partly successful in keeping the "brutality" of this piece subtle while allowing it's message to be to the point, without being too harsh/graphic on the eyes.

I'm excited about the near future as I have come across a really great opportunity for some freelance work. I was recently contacted by the band Boo Hoo, and if things go smoothly - I may soon be starting work on a cd sleeve design for them. If you have a free moment and would like to check out some new music, head to their website to listen up!


Martha Chan said...

Rachelle, i think its really successful. I might even like the darker print out version even more (old-school disney feel to it).

Yuta Onoda said...

this piece is really well done.
really nice concept and drawing!!

Juan Carlos said...

Seeing this up close you can really see the details done on the fur and it looks really nice!!

great stuff your doing this year!

CLR said...

Loving the line work Rachelle

Lisa Tao said...

i saw this on the travis magazine and really liked it!! <3
so cute but so saddd ):

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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